nomo – the name says it all. The syllable “nomo” comes from Greek and means “law”. It therefore describes a systematically based principle of order, defined by clear laws in a modular raster.
nomo is a versatile and diverse modular shelving and furniture system. Whether in the office, in the shop, at shows or at homenomo can be a room divider, simple shelf, pedestal or glass display cabinet.

modular shelving

and furniture system

nomo –
grows with

Its minimalist design is enhanced by the fact that all functional fixtures are cleverly hidden. Rods and connecting cubes are the only visible components of the system. This is what gives nomo its clear and pure aesthetics.

Any subsequent reconfigurations or extensions to the height, depth and width can be easily achieved.

nomo helps keep things tidy. Thanks to its clear and streamlined silhouette, it offers an efficient system to store documents and contents.


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